Monday, August 11, 2014

An open letter to Rector, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology aiming at “Making Difference” took extraordinary step by initiating an entirely innovative degree named Master in Energy Management (16+1=17 years) in order to develop indigenous professionals back in 2009. Opportunists signed up and enjoyed interactive sessions ranging from national energy security to world energy outlook by seasoned experts having leading roles in energy stream during two consecutive batches of 2009 & 10. Candidates used to accentuate research related courses (which were missing in our degree) since inception. Same missing content later founded “Dark at the End of Tunnel” for the “Future Energy Managers of Pakistan”.

In an assortment of formal requests, personal visits including many at HOD office and a few at Rectors’ during and after degree completion; the whistle blowing students kept on requesting academic bodies to upgrade this program as an MS equivalent by adding one or two more semester (s). Our university used to be an exclusively different public sector university in all its norms as of its student oriented approach. Unfortunately this issue was not given solemn deliberation and authorities kept on asking for making “DUA”. It was also among unmet promises that graduated students would be called back and the “Alumni” status would be rolled back to “Student” upon approval, by respectable academic bodies.

Now as misery grows by time the 16+1≠18 has proven bitter truth as no private or public university including Parent University is willing to induct us in any PhD program for nourishment of future academic deeds. In all this exercise, HEC also served as dummy character by issuing insignificant equivalence certificate for PhD admission; as its’ contradictory when official criteria clearly indicates a requirement of 18 years education (with research work of 6 credit hours). We have already spent enough resources in this all episode and can’t manage another full fledged degree. University may kindly take appropriate steps in order to minimize obscurity in lives of students and let this fallacy of 16+1+1≠18 be discontinued onward. It is requested to lay down an instantaneous way out by publicizing custom semester schedule in best interests of students and people of Pakistan.

This letter may kindly be considered as part of peaceful protest by energy graduates.

Best Regards,
Areeb Masood

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