Saturday, July 2, 2016

I’m a bachelor, not a rapist: Living in Islamabad

Feeling offended by the title? Stop reading right here, it's nothing of your interest!

Thanks to an increased urbanization and elevated migrants towards big cities on account of education, employment and exposure, housing now has become dreadful matter for bachelors. Thanks to well conveyed disparities for less fortunate / undeveloped cities of our homeland, the people are bound to move in apparently moderate, newly cultured and well off civilizations, say Islamabad; previously the same relatively less civilized tag holders. In a conscious study it was found that 20-30% students in a newly commenced course under public / private universities were migrants “youngsters of equal caliber speaking identical language & bearing NADRA CNIC but from less fortunate areas of the same country”. Needless to talk about merit as almost 80% public sector universities in Islamabad lack boarding amenities & most times there’s no housing for starters by potential employers including public offices & multinationals.

Thanks to mistakenly justified discernment about culprit pushing bachelors to the closed end street on account of fake safety apprehension, where landlords identify every bachelor tenant as rapist while signing rent deed, Oh luckily if they do. Regardless of his social status, dignity and locale repute, some miscreant landlords at large charge 200% additional rent burdened with multiplied securities on account of their own safe side while renting a house floor, flat or a separate area. What to do, robbery? Unregulated private hostels have evolved as well tailored industry with highly expensive rentals for heavy profit margins. Let the role of government be neutral in this social disease of mistrust, everyone having spare covered area tries to manipulate bargaining and pretends to be super “Raja-Gidh”.

Unfortunate thanks to dark side of eastern society where veils are now treated as positivism and universities are considered as the nurseries for cultural destruction and there’ve been experiences when relatively more lucky, bright, quoted as moderate, residents aged 15-30 kids have been murdered by the friends of same regime and different gender in strict so called trepidation by nexus of influenced cultural disseminate. Offenses aside there we see clear violation of religious norms, rituals and values practiced then relatively rich in apparently less fortunate, undeveloped and apparently uneducated but moderate cities. Assume empathetic and think about same sort of crime with their ratio in areas like Gawadar, Skardu, Sibi, RY Khan or Multan. Though there’s no provision of good universities in reasonable number but it can be explored that social standing is quite handsome with welcoming attitude even in absence of so-called civic sense.

It’s needful to prevent stereotyping and taking positive initiatives for purge housing issues for educated bachelors on social level. It might help us to eliminate social divide to build a relatively more resilient, bright Pakistan!