Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Take on "FADLAD" By Zeeshan Bakhsh

I don’t know Zeeshan Bakhsh or FADLAD Personally. Neither I am interested in fashion blogging. You already know that I am a speaker, analyst, devoted for budding entrepreneurs and adviser to established ventures aiming at new vision. I have a very straightforward “WHY”. Then you must be wondering why Zeeshan worth’s to be talked about?

Here are the reasons Why I want to discuss Zeeshan Bakhsh (FADLAD)?
  1.  I came across his blog through a social media site and decided to write about him.
  2. Zeeshan is also among budding entrepreneurs, has a strong personality which he represents in his blog so it would be unjust if I do not initiate an unsolicited review.
  3. I’ve decided to become more friendly on sharing reviews.

Getting back to point where FADLAD is really good at? He is beyond selling clothes. If you grasp through his website. He is more a story from Mumbai. I find him courageous to talk of restaurant etiquette's and behave authentic to form a new tribe in the crowd. Therefore, it is indeed an inspiration for any sane mind. It was one example from a lot of his good work. Here is the list of Zeeshan’s (FADLAD) competitive advantage / expertise, he should consider to improve and become rock star in the industry.

#1. He needs not to go with the flow

There is nothing absolute in world and business. In my opinion he is doing an incredible work to stay competitive, go through this. Why would a fashion blogger share such a lovely post encompassing other’s good work, it simply builds rapport? It is not his sale lead; trust me it depicts passion towards expanded vision on men fashion. That is where he needs to establish his why in a more persuasive way. I’d love if he can share it purposefully that why he finds him fit in to this business.

Tip: It must also tell that how his drive to help people succeed syncs with mine.

#2. Collaboration and Conversation

A wise man once said, your network is your net-worth! That is what I perceive to be missing out in his blog. May be he is well-versed in offline modes. He needs to put more energy and enhance focus on this aspect. If a fashion blogger like Zeeshan (applies not only on FADLAD) personally talks, engage, collaborate he might get better traction in contrast to his exceptionally well Instagram account. 

#3. Effectively utilize modelling skills 

I am often invited to share insights on entrepreneurship, success and failure. Recently a participant in a talk raises his hands and gives me feedback me as a sarcastic. I still appreciated him for cracking the joke the best way he could. I would rather love it if Zeeshan engulfs himself in taboo subjects as dowery or sex afterwards (Just Examples – Choose your own). It is important to become a topic, flame a talk and go viral (play safe).

#4. Use the power of social media

We can never ignore power of a tweet, snap story, sales pitch through use of any of the social platforms. FADLAD can do more on Pinterest, blog or Medium. Maybe we can also find relevance to Google Ad words here. Are we missing out Facebook live or Periscope? Nowadays we should also work on casual attires because millennials love tees on workplace, we can talk on mantras. Furthermore, there're numerous ideas on this aspect.

#5. Indulgence in stories

I'd love a professional portray of FADLAD’s photographic ambitions and Zeeshan’s modeling. What is his daily routine, how are his eating habits, what are his explorations in family life, and how he hangouts (Is it too personal too ask? Does he really behave like a celebrity?). Hence, I would recommend a more responsive YouTube channel based on his stories, ambitions and actions to be visible for a larger audience with an increased subscribers base.

Can someone ask him to fix the fonts on the portal? They should be improved. Has he ever participated in grand shows out there in Mumbai, other cities or maybe foreign countries accordingly? Same way, I'd love to see all this possible adventures of this highly productive venture.

I wish FADLAD another wonderful year and happy fashion blogging!