Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An open letter to prompters & influencers of Polite-ical chaos 08/2014

An open letter to prompters & influencers of Polite-ical chaos 08/2014

Dear Respect-less Audience,

Thanks to bless new democratic ecology recently evolved by well-tailored chaos pretending change or nonetheless aiming at bringing change. Again thanks to monarch-style democracy added with flair of brutality resulting countless tickers and good drift of priceless blood splashes. Thanks to planners, assessors, sponsors and off & on-stage contributors for putting their best efforts.

Apologies to successors of our deceased siblings & caretakers of injured ones, indeed it’s time of high trauma and sadness is still on rise. Simplistically masses have seen the unseen and exploration is still on go as August 14, 2014 arrives and thereafter (already passed). It shows level of inhumanity to observe justice being deliberately done on roads, which shakes every sane human being regardless of religion, creed with even lowest level of empathy. So we condemn violence as all other powerless, not pitiless politico forces.

Zarb-E-Azb, million IDPs and endless issues of public interest were put back and forth to flame new grudges and conspiracies. The battle of self-identifying audiences is resulting in ruthlessness, killings and misery for masses including ones for funerals and in ambulances. Heartlessness is limitless indeed, unfortunately defying arm-less, powerless head count has no significance in view of respect-less audience.

“Anger is more useful than despair”.

Humans go angry against disparities, inequalities and injustice. So called dignitaries quote it as a clown is able to drag masses attention on account of religion. Religion is a therapy, a widely accepted helping hand and a cushion to cure misery. It’s an intuitive linkage between creator and the human. Nobody can instigate others to kill their fellow beings if social-state is not fulfilling its duties rather putting containers, building more disparity and miseries.

Interestingly lack of politeness is not inbuilt at our society. Level of resilience has went down due to multiple well-grown social issues nurturing anger, inequality and endless battle for ownership of resources. Audience at large has committed the same crime while being influential at their best. Current anarchy, increased population, corruption and poverty are well planted seeds by dear audience of this letter. Whatever we’re reaping today is mainly because of your well-infused illiteracy leading chaos and fruitlessness.

Deficiency of collective wisdom inhibits ailing of unemployment, inadequate healthcare, unending energy crisis, bad governance and mismanagement of available resources. Death is a small word when it occurs in somebody’s family, religious cover of “God’s Will” and “Destiny” can’t serve well in the longer run when it comes to brutal killings on account of infused chaos.

It is requested to honor-less audience that the bloodshed may reach your home, out of politeness your kids and families might scream same as your workers. It’s very easy to conclude a meeting with inception of cruel killings and bloodshed.

I am a human being and citizen of this country, I request you to end up all this chaotic killing and resolve matters peacefully. You might end up sitting in huge villas but public can’t endure more misery and blood splashes. Enough is already drained by war on terror, no more please!

Hope sanity still exists somewhere.

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